Why Istanbul IELTS?

Apart from being the only IELTS consultancy and solution provider in Turkey, there are several reasons why you should come and see what we can do for you:

A source of accurate information:

In our experience many language schools and consultancies tend to be unaware of exactly what the IELTS exam is, or how to prepare for it, often leading to waste of precious time and money. Istanbul IELTS promises to find the shortest path to your goal.

We have heard countless times from candidates that they were told they need to study English for 6 months before preparing for IELTS or that it is better to go abroad to prepare for IELTS. This is not the case for the majority of people who require the IELTS certificate and thanks to our specialist knowledge that you won't find anywhere else you are guaranteed to reach your target in the quickest way possible.

Local Partnerships:

By working with IDP we provide special priveliges to our clients, such as last minute exam registration, and guarantee that we are up to date with any developments in the IELTS world.

We also work in conjunction with several other consultancies to improve our capacity to provide you with a superior level of service. 


Contact us!

a: info@istanbulielts.com

t: 0216 411 56 99

a: Bağdat caddesi, Arda APt. 169 K1

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