How we can help you?

We can show you the right approach for each section of the exam and help you realise your true potential. This involves:

- Istanbul IELTS preparation course is made up of four modules; one for each section of the IELTS exam.
- Each module has been created with the aim of realising each student's true potential by teaching
- Essential academic techniques and strategies
- The various question types and the best approach to each type
- Important vocabulary based around the most recurring Topics


The approach to this section consists of:
- Preparing before each set of questions
- Focusing your listening on the relevant parts of the listening passage
- following and understand the general meaning of the passage


In order to read more effectively, the approach to this section consists of:
- Identifying the main idea of each passage and paragraph
- scanning and skimming for relevant information
- guessing the meaning of unfamiliar words through context


In order to perform well in this section, the approach consists of:
- understanding the various types of task 1 and task 2 questions
- For task 1: analysing graphs and deciding on the most notable trends
- For task 2: brainstorming and creating content for your answer
- Plan and use your time effectively
- Using more complex sentence structures
- Using a wider range of vocabulary
- Writing to word count


The approach to this section consists of:
- Engaging with the examiner's questions and give appropriate answers
- Using more complex sentence structures
- using topic-relevant vocabulary

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