What is IELTS?

IELTS is an internationally recognized English level test accepted by universities and corporations worldwide.

"Which organisations accept IELTS?"

There are too many to list here but you can check here http://bandscore.ielts.org and also find out the band score requirements for your desired organisation.

"How to apply for the IELTS examination"

You can apply online for the exam with IDP or the British Council on their respective websites. The exam is exactly the same, but the exam locations are different.

"What is the duration of the examination?"

The total exam time is three hours in two parts:

Part 1 (2 hours 45 minutes)

• Listening 30 minutes + 10 minutes to copy anwsers to anwser sheet

• Reading 60 minutes

• Writing 60 minutes

Part 2: (11-14minutes)

• Speaking

"What does the examination consist of?"

The exam consists of four equally weighted sections.

• Listening = 4 audio passages, 40 questions

• Reading = 3 Passages total word count approx 2750, 40 questions

• Writing = 2 writing tasks, total word count 350

• Speaking = 3 parts including questions about your life and abstract questions about society, technology, education etc...

"How long are IELTS results valid for?"

The IELTS certification is valid for 2 years

"When can I take the exam?"

The exam takes place 4 times a month

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